Three Things to Consider When Buying a Boat

Three Things to Consider When Buying a Boat


As a broker, I am often asked what to look for when buying a boat. While every situation is unique, there is a definite process in choosing the right boat. Like in many decision making processes, there are three things that you should consider carefully:

1. Size of the boat

You first want to decide on what size boat will meet your cruising needs. Choosing a boat is a lot like figuring out who you want to be when you grow up.  Do you want to be the spontaneous guy out on the Hunter 216, who is able to beach himself anyplace he sees fit? or Do you want to be the relaxed couple offshore enjoying a glass of wine while watching the sunset on their Jeanneau 42 Deck Salon. The size of the boat can make a large impact on the lifestyle that comes with it. So think carefully about what you want that lifestyle to be.

2. Your Must-HavesPurchasing a boat: three things you must consider.

You want to have a list at the ready of all the “musts” when buying a boat. There is a lot of fancy equipment out there that might be of interest to you, enough for a whole other blog post. Do a little research to find out what electronics you may not be able to live without. You may also require a shallower draft because of where you will be sailing or even Davits for your Dinghy. There is a lot to take into consideration as far as your “must-haves”. It’s also a matter of price and whether you want the boat outfitted already or if you will outfit it over time.

3. Purchase Price of the boat

You will want to find a price point that you are comfortable with. Your price point is a huge factor in your choice of boats because price is correlated with size and age of the boat. If you have a low price point, but you want a larger boat, you are more than likely going to be viewing older boats. So always keep your budget in consideration.Buying a boat?



In the end, you want to choose the boat that fits as much of your criteria as possible. It is important to understand that it can sometimes be a trade-off, because you can’t always find that one boat that fits the criteria perfectly. Once you understand this, you are that much closer to finding YOUR BOAT.