7 Tips for Viewing Fireworks by Boat

7 Tips When Viewing Fireworks by Boat

  1. Before leaving the slip to view fireworks by boat make sure your anchor light and running lights are working properly.
  2. Make sure your tank(s) are full of fuel and batteries are topped off.
  3. Scope out where you want to go and review your navigational charts. Find out in advance if there are any safety zone restrictions. Some events set up restrictions in advance.
  4. Double check that all your CG Safety equipment is onboard, up to date, and easily accessible. Bring along good fenders in case you decide to raft up with another boat. If you raft up, use a lot of fenders and tie the boats tightly together.
  5. Go Early! Watching fireworks by boat is fun and popular, so if you want a good spot you should go early. It’s not a clever idea to anchor close to where the event is taking place.  Anchor downwind if possible and be sure to keep an eye out for potential anchors dragging around you.
  6. Remember that boating and libations don’t mix! The skipper and vital crew must always be alert. Tragedy happens in the blink of an eye.
  7. When the fireworks are over there will be a few boats in a big hurry to depart. Resist the urge to join the movement!  Wait it out until the celebrators leave and then go slowly.