About Norton Yacht Sales

Norton Yacht Sales is a full service, third generation family owned dealership. Sailing is in our blood. And so is treating our customers right. Service is how our dealership in Deltaville, VA can consistently outperform dealers from San Diego to Annapolis and from New York to Florida.

We ensure our customers’ needs are taken care of. We know if we treat them right, they’re going to come back and they’ll tell their friends about their experience. This helps explain why we’re consistently ranked in the top five in U.S. Hunter sales and even achieved #1 in sales worldwide just a few years ago.

Norton’s services seem to be getting a lot of attention lately. We’ve won top awards for our repair, boatyard, carpentry, and Yanmar engine work.  In addition, for 18 years in a row, the Hunter Marine Corporation has ranked Norton’s #1 in service.  Not bad for a dealership in little ol’ Deltaville.

Norton’s History

First and foremost, we’re sailors. It’s in our blood. While some boat dealers come and go, Norton’s Yacht Sales is firmly anchored right where we’ve been for three generations. Today, Carolyn and her husband Ken carry on the family tradition that began in 1948 by Carolyn’s grandfather, Ed Norton.  Billy Norton, Carolyn’s father took over in 1961, which lead to Carolyn growing up in the shipyard and bringing her and Ken where they are today.