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ASA Combo Course – Learn to Sail in 4 Days

ASA-Certification-101    ASA 101/103 Combined – $795

Learn to Sail Now! By far our most popular course, the Combo ASA 101 and 103 allows the sailor to be certified in two areas in 4 days. This course will teach you to sail a boat on your own in only 4 days, and you will be ready to charter a boat from Norton’s after the course.

This is a 30 hour course that is held from 9:00AM to 4:30PM over two weekends or 4 weekdays. Weekends can be consecutive or have a break weekend in between.

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Norton’s recommends taking ASA 101 and 103 together and save $195. ASA 101 and 103 are the core classes of the ASA curriculum. Having both of these classes gives you the knowledge and confidence to take a boat out on your own, and also allows you to charter a boat from Norton’s Charter Fleet.

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Take the Quiz to see which class is right for you!

What Course is right for you?

Take this quiz to see what class is for you!

ASA 101/103

Check out the course here!

ASA 105 – Navigation

This is an awesome course! Find out more here!

ASA 104 – Bareboat Chartering

You are on your way to chartering anywhere and everywhere! Check out the course here!

ASA 118 or 119 – Docking and Weather Endorsement

You already know so much about sailing! Check out these extra classes to give you a little bit of extra knowledge and skill!
ASA 118-
ASA 119-

Basic – to – Bareboat

You’ve just started, but you want to be an expert fast! Check out the 5 Day Basic-to-Bareboat Course!

ASA 101/103 Challenge

You’ve been sailing for a long time, but you want to get some certifications! Start with Challenging ASA 101 and 103!

How long have you been sailing?

Never even stepped on a boat

I’ve only been sailing with friends or on a Sunset Cruise

I sailed quite a bit when I was younger, but I want to get back into it

I’ve been sailing for a long time now!

Have you ever taken an ASA Course?


ASA 101 and 103

ASA 101-104

All the way up to 106

What is your goal with Norton’s Sailing School?

Learn how to sail on your own

Charter a boat by yourself

Buy your own boat

Help as Crew on someone else’s boat

Gain some more knowledge and earn ASA Certificates

What kind of pace do you prefer when it comes to learning?

I’d like to enjoy a couple of fun weekends while I learn

I’m just trying to get the test over so I can get my certifications

I’d like to come down and get as much knowledge as I can in 5 days

A 4 day class where I leave confident in my sailing skills is perfect for me

I’m okay with the occasional weekend class



  Other Classes to Consider

ASA 105 – Coastal Navigation

This comprehensive course will enable the sailor or power-boater to safely navigate a vessel in coastal or inland waters. The course covers chart reading, buoyage, lights, bearings and fixes, dead reckoning, set and drift, tides and currents, signals, and much more.



ASA 104

This is an intermediate coastal cruising course for a skipper and crew on a 30′ to 50′ sailing boat in coastal waters. Topics covered are living aboard, weather, seamanship, various anchoring techniques, cruise planning, coastal navigation, use of electronics, and piloting techniques.

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