Visit us at the Mid-Atlantic Sport and BOAT SHOW! ~ Feb. 10, 11, 12, 2017

Be sure and come to see us at the Mid-Atlantic Sports and BOAT Show in Virginia Beach this weekend! Norton Yachts will have a brand new 2017 COBIA 220 CC on display.

The Mid-Atlantic Sport and Boat Show in Virginia Beach will have boats on display for every pocketbook. Admission Rates  Adults – $8 Children 12 and under – FREE When? Friday, February 10th, Noon-9 pm, Saturday, February 11th, 10am-8pm, and Sunday, February 12th, 10am-5pm.


Virginia Beach Convention Center 1000 19th St., Virginia Beach VA 23451
Free parking!

Please join us for this fun filled day of boat shopping! Show details: www.vaboatshow.comcobia

Dear Extended Norton Yachts Family:

It is with great sorrow that we mourn the tremendous loss of one of our own, Sid Simmons. Sid was Norton Yachts long-time talented, brilliant, and loyal service yard foreman. Our friend, Sid, was the definition of “Excellence.” If you knew him we feel sure you agree.

Sid passed away last evening, January 16, 2017, after a very brief illness. We will share more when arrangements have been made.

William Penn said, “Death is but crossing the world, as friends do the seas; they live in one another still…”??????????

SidSid's Birthday 2010detail2Sid Simmons

Sailing During a Storm

What to do before and if you get caught in a storm.

Sometimes storms seem to appear out of nowhere. Lightning is no fun on land, let alone out on the water with a giant metal mast protruding from your boat. It can cause you to spend large amounts of money in repairs, and even worse it can put you and your crew in danger. A good sailor always keeps an eye out for bad weather, but in the chance that you find yourself on the water one there are a few precautions you can take to provide safety for you and your crew.

Equip your boat with a Lightening Protection System-

These systems will redirect the charge of the lighting in a way that will hopefully prevent serious damage to your vessel. Think of them like the  surge protectors we use to protect our televisions and computers.Sailing during a storm

If you see signs of a bad storm, try to escape its path.

If getting out of harms way is not an option,  put on your PFDs and take down your sails!

In the cases of high winds, you want to get your sails down to prevent the boat capsizing.

Move Inside!

Move inside and towards the middle of the boat. Don’t be a storm chaser! Take Cover!

Unplug all Electronics

We do this during every storm around my house, and it is the best way to be sure that your marine equipment doesn’t get toasted. No one wants to have to buy another full set of electronics! And if you are that individual that has been trying to talk his wife into letting him buy some new toys for his boat, by all means leave them plugged in.

We hope that none of you are ever faced with a situation like this! Always keep an eye on the skies and the radars. If you see any signs of foul weather, just stay/go on shore. It’s not worth the risk of riding it out. Norton’s also offers a Marine Weather Endorsement through ASA. If you have any interest in learning how to plan and navigate based on the weather, ASA 119 is definitely something to look into

Norton’s Annual Everything Sail Seminar

Norton’s Annual Everything Sail Seminar on February 25, 2017 is our way of thanking all of you for being the best customers ever!

We are thankful to have met so many wonderful people over all these years.  We want to show our appreciation through this annual event where all of our fellow sailors and boaters have the opportunity to listen to knowledgeable speakers give invaluable information on Everything Sail! It’s also fun to socialize with others who share their interest in sailing! Plus, it’s Winter and we miss you and are ready to talk Sailing already!

2017 marks another year of great speakers, sharing knowledge, and making friends and acquaintances! What’s more, there’s always something new to learn. Join us!

Everything Sail Seminar 2017 will be held at the Deltaville Community Association building on February 25, 2017  from 10 am to 3:00 pm. Lunch will be available. Registration must be done in advance, and it will open Jan. 6, 2017 and close February 20, 2017. Seats are limited and fill up very quickly.

The topics for this year will include Marine Weather, Safety at Sea,  Sail Trim for Advanced Cruisers, New Raymarine Electronics, and Trouble Shooting Yanmar Diesels.  There will be opportunities for discussion between each topic.

We always look forward to this event, and we hope you do, too! We can’t wait to see you there! If you have any questions regarding this event, you can email your questions to

.Dr. Jiho Han presenting on the Healing Powers of Wind & SeaYANMAR DIESEL



Dealer Support After The 2016 US Sailboat Show

This is one of the biggest questions you can ask a dealer! What are you going to do for me after I place my order and after I take delivery of my boat?

The bottom line is: You want a dealer that can help you through every step of the New Boat Process.

When you are looking to buy from a dealer, keep these things in mind-

  1. You need someone who is knowledgeable and can answer the questions that you have before you make your purchase.
  2. You need someone who will walk you through the steps after you have ordered your boat.
  3. You need a Dealership that has been in the business for a long time and will be the best choice in commissioning your new boat.
  4. You need a Dealership that will take the time to give you a thorough orientation aboard your boat before you take it to your hailing port.
  5. You need a Dealership that will be able to take care of you for regular maintenance, upgrades, and warranty work.
  6. You also need a Dealer who will teach you! Whether that is through a Sailing or Navigation Class, or through a Yanmar or Sailing Seminar.

Norton Yachts has been doing all of the above since 1948, and we intend to keep on doing what’s best for our customers. We want to be the one you turn to! When you buy a boat from us, you become a part of our family, and we take good care of our family!

2016 US Sailboat Show Map


If this is your first US Sailboat Show, it can be somewhat difficult getting your bearings. The best way to prepare and make the most of this Boat Show is to study the 2016 US Sailboat Show Layout and Map out a strategy. Find out at what docks your favorite manufacturers will be, label where your favorite exhibitors are, and put a big old circle around those restrooms. This way, when you hear that gun on the first day, you can be sure to make a beeline for your number one location.

Norton’s has created a map of the US Sailboat Show for you, and we even took the liberty of marking what we assumed would be your two favorite locations ;) We also marked those restroom locations for you!


How to inquire about Pre-Owned at the US Sailboat Show



The big US Sailboat Show in Annapolis is the perfect place to look at all of the latest and greatest that the sailing world has to offer. All of the major production manufacturers will be represented at the boat show. If a “major” player is not there, it’s probably now a “minor” player. That being said, you may enjoy looking at new but are really interested in a previously enjoyed or brokerage boat. Not everyone at the show is a new boat buyer and shoppers are always looking for great deals on a pre-owned sailboat at the US Sailboat Show.

When enjoying the new boat displays you may want to inquire about a late model or “last year’s” unsold inventory that a dealer may still have available for a slightly lower price. Many new boat dealers also offer brokerage boats and often specialize in selling used models of the new brand they carry. Frequently at the boat show, new boat dealers will take “trade ins” on new boats being sold there. Ask your dealer about any used models and get information as to how they are equipped. Take the time to ask a dealer representative about the condition of a “trade in” or brokerage boat and when the vessel is available for visual inspection. Your dealer will be actively trying to move this trade while at the show so be ready to make an appointment to see the pre-owned boat as soon as possible.

In addition to many new boat dealers at the boat show, there will also be representatives from brokerage firms. Learn about boats for every pocketbook, slip size, and intended purpose. And contrary to what you may hear, competitive financing is available for pre-owned boats! Remember that fall is a perfect time to buy your boat, so start shopping!

Where to Stay, Park, and Eat at the 2016 US Sailboat Show

Where to Park-

Eastport Elementary School-


Open 8:00 am, park all day, up 250 spots available : $20 / day / car, SUV, standard truck(tax-deductible fee)
Visit the site

Check out Parking Panda!

Parking Panda is an app that allows you to see who’s offering parking, and also allows you to reserve a spot!


Where to Stay-

Rental Houses

Many people during the Boat Show, take that time for a small vacation and rent out their homes for the long weekend!

Check for Available Rentals here -


Check out for an easy list of all the local hotels! 


Where to Eat-

Something Quick?

Sofi’s Crepes! 

This place serves up all kinds of yummy crepes for a quick bite to eat at Breakfast or Lunch! Everything from a peanut butter and chocolate crepe to the Kevin Bacon crepe (Turkey, Bacon, Cheese, & Tomatoes with 1000 Island Sauce) <— So, Good!

Happy Hour?

Pusser’s Carribean Grille

A great waterfront restaurant with delicious Fish and Chips and one heck of a little mixed drink ;)

A Delicious Dinner?

McGarvey’s Saloon and Oyster Bar

A great place to go in the evening for some good seafood!

An Entertaining Beakfast?

Chick and Ruth’s Delly

Stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance each morning at 8:30 with the whole restaurant, and then enjoy a big old breakfast!

Best Tips and Tricks for The US Sailboat Show

There isn’t a more exciting waterfront than the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Oct. 5-9, 2017! It is the nation’s largest in-water boat show and, it  is sure to be even bigger this year than last year.

So, we’ve assembled a few “Tips and Tricks” to help you enjoy the show:

You’ll need more than 1 day to take it all in!

If your time allows, purchase a multi-day pass to get the most bang for your buck. Download in advance or pick up a show map at the gate.

Make your hotel reservations early!

If all of Annapolis is sold out of places to stay, you may want to get a room in Waldorf or another town where your drive in on show day.

Parking near the show is pretty IMPOSSIBLE,

so park in the designated lots and ride the bus in to the show.

Proper Shoes!

It probably goes without saying, but wear comfortable boating or non-marking shoes. Be prepared to be asked to remove your shoes prior to boarding.  Moving around decks in hose or slick socks is not recommended.

Be Prepared for Sunny Weather

The weather may be sunny and beautiful, so wear sun glasses, use sun screen, and perhaps wear a hat. If it rains, wear your foul weather gear and rubber boots to keep your feet dry.  There are low lying places around the show perimeter that are prone to flooding. Umbrellas are dangerous to others at a crowded boat show….not to mention, they fly overboard when caught by the wind!

But Also Be Prepared for Rainy Weather

If it is raining, it might be the perfect time to look at the boats you are very interested in. Many show goers head for the tents when it starts raining and the crowds thin out on the docks.  Take this opportunity to look at your favorite boats when it is less crowded. Open lockers, bilges, and ask the dealer your questions.

Map out a Strategy, and also the Restrooms ;)

Very important…..Look at the map and figure out where the porta-lets are! When you need them, you want to know where they are!

Easy Sign in

You’ll be asked to “sign in” at most of the displays. Some people carry envelope return address stickers instead of writing their name on the cards.  Stick a label on it!

Opening Gun!

Get there in time for the opening gun and make a mad dash for the favorite boats on your list to check out. The busiest times during the show tend to be in the afternoon.

Avoid Lines at Lunchtime

If you are there for the day and purchasing lunch at the show, plan on eating earlier than noon or an hour or so after 12 so you don’t stand in a very long line.

Make sure kids have their PFDs

If you plan to bring small children, remember their PFD.  In a large crowd on the docks, we’ve seen small children go overboard.  Better to be safe!


Thursday is VIP Day and open to the Trades. Tickets for VIP Day are more expensive but the crowds are usually lighter.  After Thursday, Friday and Monday are not quite as busy as Saturday and Sunday.

What’s a Painkiller?

If you’ve never had a Painkiller at the Boat Show, it’s an experience! Order a Pusser’s Painkiller, kick back, and enjoy the show…newbies are better off starting with a #1!

Prepare for NEXT YEAR!

As soon as you return home from the show, make reservations at your favorite Annapolis hotel for next year’s show. The Sailboat Show is always on the same Columbus Day weekend!