Thank you for attending Norton’s Everything Sail Seminar 2016!!

The countdown to Spring has begun!! Every year our Everything Sail Seminar is a wonderful reminder that Spring is on the way!

We want to thank everyone that came out to join us this past weekend for such an informative seminar with awesome speakers and friendly faces! We enjoyed seeing each and every one of you, and hope that you all enjoyed the event as much as we did.

For those of you that missed the event, or maybe just wanted to revisit some of the topics, we will be posting the presentations over the next month, and they will include the slideshows as well as the helpful links that our speakers shared with us.

Also a reminder, that we will be sending out a survey for any comments or ideas you may have regarding the Seminar, so if you were in attendance, keep an eye on your inbox.

Don’t forget to talk to Janice or Ian about any projects or electronics you’d like to add to your boat! And here’s to boating season being just around the corner!


Norton’s Everything Sail Seminar 2016


Norton’s Everything Sail Seminar is our way of thanking all of you for being the best customers we could ever have!

We are thankful to have made so many wonderful connections, and we want to show our appreciation through this annual event where all of our fellow sailors and boaters have the opportunity to socialize with others who share their interest in sailing, and also listen to knowledgeable speakers give invaluable information on Everything Sail!

2016 marks another year of great speakers, sharing knowledge, and making friends and acquaintances!

Everything Sail Seminar 2016 will be held at the Deltaville Community Association building on February 27, 2016 from 9:30am to 4:00pm. Lunch will be provided by a local favorite. Registration must be done in advance, and it will open February 8, 2016 and close February 23, 2016. (You will receive a link) Spots are limited.

The topics for this year will include Health and Sailing, Sail Trim, New Technology, and E-Nav. There will be opportunities for discussion between each topic.

We always look forward to this event, and we hope you do, too! We can’t wait to see you there!


If you have any questions regarding this event, you can email your questions to

Hunter 50 Center Cockpit Exterior

Over the next few blog posts, we will be focusing on the 2009 Hunter 50 Center Cockpit, “Quiet Wings”. “Quiet Wings” is listed in our brokerage inventory for $316,900 which is a great price for such a gorgeous boat.

In this video blog we will be taking a closer look at the exterior of this boat, mainly, the cockpit, rigging, decks, and swim platform.

Let’s start with one of the first things you notice when you approach this yacht from the dock: the huge wraparound windows! These let in lots of light, but also offer UV protection. The styling of these windows help give this center cockpit a pretty sleek look.

Hunter 50 Center Cockpit Wraparound Windows Hunter 50 Center Cockpit Wraparound Windows Hunter 50 Center Cockpit Wraparound Windows Hunter 50 Center Cockpit Wraparound Windows

When you enter the spacious cockpit of the yacht, you’ll notice the custom full cockpit enclosure which kept me pretty toasty on this chilly November day. A Full Cockpit Enclosure gives you the comfort of being able to stay in the cockpit during any temperature, so you can enjoy a beautiful Fall or Summer day.

This yacht’s cockpit seating has been ergonomically designed with a very comfortable back and allows you to relax and enjoy a good time while you listen to some music from your Cockpit Speakers mounted on the arch. Make more room for entertaining in the cockpit by folding in the Lewmar Folding Wheel.

Hunter 50 Center Cockpit Corian Cockpit TableHunter 50 Center Cockpit Corian Cockpit TableHunter 50 Center Cockpit Corian Cockpit Table   Hunter 50 Center Cockpit Corian Cockpit Table Hunter 50 Center Cockpit Corian Cockpit Table

Then easily swing out the simple and beautifully designed Corian Cockpit Table for some hors d’oeuvres and a cocktail.

Cocktail and Happy Hour can continue aft with more seating and custom pinstripe cushions that are being stored for safe keeping. The stainless steel rail offers a nice back rest, and the aft bench seat also has a place for another Corian Table. Simply slide the stainless steel post into the fitting, and grab a drink.

Hunter 50 Center Cockpit Aft Bench Seat Hunter 50 Center Cockpit Aft Bench Seat

Moving to the Swim Platform of this boat, there are built-in staircases on starboard and port side making the maneuver quick and easy. The Swim Platform features a telescoping ladder that allows you to exit the water after a quick swim. As soon as you come up the ladder, you can rinse off with the Hot & Cold Transom Shower. Back here on the platform, you also find some storage including this aft compartment that holds some smaller items like your emergency tiller.

Hunter 50 Center Cockpit Transom Shower & Aft StorageHunter 50 Center Cockpit Transom Shower & Aft StorageHunter 50 Center Cockpit Transom Shower & Aft StorageHunter 50 Center Cockpit Transom Shower & Aft StorageHunter 50 Center Cockpit Transom Shower & Aft Storage

Just at the top of these built in steps you’ll find a locker on each side. One offers a deep storage compartment and the other is a propane locker.

At the helm, you have a beautiful set of Raymarine Electronics including the e120 Multifunction Display. The unit measures about 14 inches wide and gives you a 12.4” diagonal screen with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

Also at the helm, you have Raymarine ST6002 Autopilot and Raymarine ST70 instrument displays for depth and speed with repeaters forward over the companionway. The boat also has Sirius Weather Receiver which allows you to do weather overlays on the e120 MFD.

Hunter 50 CC Raymarine e120 and i70 Hunter 50 Center Cockpit Raymarine e120 and i70

We will cover the electronics below in our next post.

Looking at the rigging, you’ll notice all lines are led aft to the cockpit for easy single handed sailing, and the traveler on the arch allows control from the helm. You have four electric winches in your cockpit: a Port #46 Self-tailing winch, Starboard #54 Winch, Port #54 Winch, and a #54 Winch for the Overlapping Jib. Forward in the cockpit you have these nice line buckets to keep the lines out of the cockpit when not in use.

Hunter 50 CC Electric Winches and Lines Hunter 50 CC Electric Winches and Lines Hunter 50 CC Electric Winches and Lines

Walking forward, the Side Decks on this Yacht are quite wide and make maneuvering back and forth very easy. Just Forward of the mast is the sheet for the self-tacking staysail then Roller Furling Overlapping Jib. Between the two, you find a very convenient forward Sail Locker, and also your anchor locker. To the right of that, you find the foot pedal for the electric winch which can also be controlled by a remote.

Hunter 50 CC Staysail, Jib, and Sail Locker Hunter 50 CC Staysail, Jib, and Sail Locker Hunter 50 CC Staysail, Jib, and Sail Locker

Let’s go back to the Dock now, and take a closer look at the hull design of this boat. You can see the height of the freeboard is phenomenal which will keep you dry while also giving you a lot of volume below. There’s also a bow hollow that has become very common on Hunter sailboats, and this gives a concave shape to the hull at the waterline just under the bow to give less resistance through the water for added speed, and also reduces pitching in rougher conditions.

The exterior on this boat overall is quite sleek, and the Hunter 50 Center Cockpit is by far one of the most low profile Center Cockpits on the market. The engineers at Hunter Marine did a fantastic job with the design of this yacht, and it truly dominates the center cockpit, as well as the larger sailboat market today.

Today, a 2016 Marlow Hunter 50 Center Cockpit equipped like “Quiet Wings” would cost you about $600,000. “Quiet Wings” is a practically NEW Yacht listed at about half the price with all of the equipment you need. With interest rates at all-time lows, you could see monthly payments as low as $1,600 with a 15% Down Payment and 20 year term, as well as no pre-payment penalties. Take advantage of low rates now because we may see increases very soon!

Next Post, we will take a tour of the Salon and Galley of the Hunter 50 Center Cockpit. If you have questions regarding any of the exterior items on “Quiet Wings”, call Norton Yachts at 804-776-9211.




Post-Boat Show Open House & Deltaville Hospitality Event

First off, Thank you to everyone who came out to join us at the 2015 US Sailboat Show in Annapolis! We had a fantastic time, and gorgeous weather! We hope you had a good time, too!

We had some awesome NEW Boats Debuting at the Boat Show with Marlow Hunter and Jeanneau. The whole new Sun Odyssey line as well as the Jeanneau 64 and 54, and a Marlow Hunter 47! Needless to say the crowd was wowed!

And, Guess what!! The good times can keep on rolling this weekend with Norton’s Post-Boat Show Open House this Saturday and Sunday, October 17-18 from 11am to 3pm.

We will have our in stock New boats here as well as many brokerage boats. With the weatherman calling for sunny weather this weekend, it’s a great time to come out and look at even more boats!

Also, to add to the eventful weekend, the Waterway Guide will be having a Deltaville Hospitality event October 18-21 with a special reception on the 2oth from 2pm to 5pm at the Maritime Museum. Check out the Flyer attached here!!


Dealer Support after the Show

This is one of the biggest questions you can ask a dealer! What are you going to do for me after I place my order and after I take delivery of my boat?

The bottom line is: You want a dealer that can help you through every step of the New Boat Process.

When you are looking to buy from a dealer, keep these things in mind-

  1. You need someone who is knowledgeable and can answer the questions that you have before you make your purchase.
  2. You need someone who will walk you through the steps after you have ordered your boat.
  3. You need a Dealership that has been in the business for a long time and will be the best choice in commissioning your new boat.
  4. You need a Dealership that will take the time to give you a thorough orientation aboard your boat before you take it to your hailing port.
  5. You need a Dealership that will be able to take care of you for regular maintenance, upgrades, and warranty work.
  6. You also need a Dealer who will teach you! Whether that is through a Sailing or Navigation Class, or through a Yanmar or Sailing Seminar.

Norton Yachts has been doing all of the above since 1948, and we intend to keep on doing what’s best for our customers. We want to be the one you turn to! When you buy a boat from us, you become a part of our family, and we take good care of our family!

Dealer Support

US Sailboat Show Layout & Mapping a Strategy

Well, Joaquin tried to rain on our parade, but things are still going strong, and we are in full Boat Show Mode!!

We’ll all be in Annapolis tomorrow to move boats in and set up displays with Marlow-Hunter and Jeanneau, and things are starting to get even more exciting!

If this is your first US Sailboat Show, it can be somewhat difficult getting your bearings. The best way to prepare and make the most of this Boat Show is to study the US Sailboat Show Layout and Map out a strategy. Find out at what docks your favorite manufacturers will be, label where your favorite exhibitors are, and put a big old circle around those restrooms. This way, when you hear that gun on the first day, you can be sure to make a beeline for your number one location.

Norton’s has created a map of the US Sailboat Show for you, and we even took the liberty of marking what we assumed would be your two favorite locations ;) We also marked those restroom locations for you!

We will be posting the FREE Downloadable Guide to the US Sailboat Show this Wednesday before VIP Day! It will include all of the helpful blogs we have had over the past month, and an even better version of the map below! So, be sure to stop back by to Download your FREE Guide!



How to ask about a pre-owned sailboat at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis….


The big US Sailboat Show in Annapolis is the perfect place to look at all of the latest and greatest that the sailing world has to offer.  All of the major production manufacturers will be represented at the boat show.  If a “major” player is not there, it’s probably now a “minor” player.  That being said, you may enjoy looking at new but are really interested in a previously enjoyed or brokerage boat.  Not everyone at the show is a new boat buyer and shoppers are always looking for great deals on a pre-owned sailboat at the US Sailboat Show.

When enjoying the new boat displays you may want to inquire about a late model or “last year’s” unsold inventory that a dealer may still have available for a slightly lower price.  Many new boat dealers also offer brokerage boats and often specialize in selling used models of the new brand they carry. Frequently at the boat show, new boat dealers will take “trade ins” on new boats being sold there.  Ask your dealer about any used models and get information as to how they are equipped.  Take the time to ask a dealer representative about the condition of a “trade in” or brokerage boat and when the vessel is available for visual inspection. Your dealer will be actively trying to move this trade while at the show so be ready to make an appointment to see the pre-owned boat as soon as possible.

In addition to many new boat dealers at the boat show, there will also be representatives from brokerage firms. Learn about boats for every pocketbook, slip size, and intended purpose. And contrary to what you may hear, competitive financing is available for pre-owned boats! Remember that fall is a perfect time to buy your boat, so start shopping!