The Star Players at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis

and what will be premiering!


The 2015 US Sailboat Show in Annapolis will have over 30 exhibitors this year, but 2 in particular are going to be drawing the most attention!


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Jeanneau America

Jeanneau wowed the crowds on City Docks last year with the largest display of any of the exhibitors! They aren’t holding back this year either, presenting their NEW and Improved Sun Odyssey Line which features everyone’s favorite from last year: the Jeanneau SO 349. Also, debuting at the show will be Jeanneau’s new 54 from the Jeanneau Yachts line, alongside a 57 and making its debut in America is the Jeanneau 64!
Jeanneau will be firing up the crowd with their display on Dock F1!



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Marlow Hunter

Marlow Hunter has been steadily producing NEW models over the past couple of years. The Marlow Hunter 37 and 31 were real crowd-pleasers last year, and now this year, they are expecting to bring up their NEWEST baby, a Marlow Hunter 47! This Yacht is going to be turning some heads on the docks this year! It’s like nothing you’ve seen out of the Marlow Hunter lineup before! Another head-turner will be the Marlow Hunter 50 Center Cockpit that will be making an appearance at the show. Most are familiar with this yacht, and it has always been a favorite. You’ll find the Marlow Hunter lineup located on A Dock at the US Sailboat Show!