Boat Loans and Financing

Let’s Talk Financing! Purchasing your dream boat may be much easier than you originally thought. Your boat just might cost you about what your car payment is a month. And when you put that into perspective, it just makes since to purchase something that will bring you years of enjoyment. There are a number of […]

Boat Insurance

Customers who are buying a boat are always asking about Boat Insurance. Who they should choose, what they should look for in a policy, etc. With all of the big insurance agencies out there competing for your attention and money, it can be hard to choose which one to go with and who will provide […]

Solar Panels On Your Boat

Why have them? A full charge on the battery is an absolute must-have when doing long distance cruises, but when you are enjoying a beautiful, QUIET day sailing, you don’t want to have to turn on an engine just to juice up your batteries to ensure you have necessities down below. Why not take advantage […]

Upcoming Boat Shows

The final weekend of April and first weekend of May are going to be very busy for boaters with two major events happening! The countdown has begun for the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show where Norton Yachts will be promoting their Special Show Incentives and exhibiting a Marlow Hunter 37, the largest volume boat on the market under […]

Planning an Extended Cruise

Our good friend, Dave Hope, is the author of a fantastic book titled Summer Heat. The book talks about his life as a sailor and a Chesterfield County Police Officer, as well as recounts his experience of being caught in a storm aboard his boat “Summer Heat”. In this article, Dave discusses the necessity of planning. Planning and Sailing […]

Having a dog onboard a sailboat

Should I have a dog onboard my boat? That is a legitimate question with no easy answer. I will limit my discussion to cruising boats, particularly cruising sail boats. Day cruises are similar, but without some of the problems or concerns related to destination cruising. If you already own a pooch, then the die is […]