Having a dog onboard a sailboat

Should I have a dog onboard my boat? That is a legitimate question with no easy answer. I will limit my discussion to cruising boats, particularly cruising sail boats. Day cruises are similar, but without some of the problems or concerns related to destination cruising. If you already own a pooch, then the die is […]

USCG Vessel Safety Check

Have a USCG Vessel Safety Check before you shove off!   Like most boaters, you are probably daydreaming about the upcoming boating season. We wanted to share with you a way to ensure you have a great season, and potentially avoid being detained too long with a vessel check by the marine police on a […]

Gelcoat Repair Tips

Gelcoat Repair Tips Repairing Gelcoat   During our recent Seminar, Norton’s Marine Service Center’s Yard Foreman, Sid Simmons discussed some of his tips on Gelcoat Repairs for star cracks in your boat. Gelcoat is a Polyester Resin with Pigment in it. This means Gelcoat will not flex like fiberglass because it is a lot more […]

TransAtlantic on a Sailboat

TransAtlantic on a Sailboat Conquering a TransAtlantic   Steve Runals is a well-seasoned sailing instructor at Norton’s Sailing School in Deltaville, Virginia. He has a wealth of knowledge in all things cruising and navigating. Steve’s presentation this year was a detailed report on his TransAtlantic to Portugal on a 1982 Skye 51. His presentation includes […]

Sailing Movies

Sailing Movies For those of you who are starting to really missing sailing season, we decided to help you out and recommend a few sailing movies that will give you a little taste of sailing, adventure, love, and comedy.   Charlie St. Cloud (2010) Charlie St. Cloud (played by Zac Efron) is an accomplished sailor […]