Provisioning your Boat

Provisioning your Boat Some of our favorite treats! Unfortunately most of us don’t  have the luxury of hiring a five star chef to cook aboard for us on our summer boating adventures. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t live and eat like royalty while cruising on your boat for a few days. Here are a few […]

Custom Boat Lettering

Custom boat lettering Boat Graphics   So you bought a boat, and you have dreamed about her name ever since you can remember. However, most people haven’t really put much thought into the design, style, or character of the chosen name. Luckily, being in Deltaville, “The Boating Capital of the Chesapeake,” there are plenty of people to […]

How we sell your boat

How we sell your boat Why we use multiple marketing devices to sell your boat?   When you choose to use a broker to sell your boat, you want to know that they are going to use all the resources that they can possibly use to help you sell your boat. Here at Norton’s we use […]

Leukemia Cup Regatta 2014

Southern Chesapeake Leukemia Cup Regatta Leukemia Cup Regatta: Great Success! The 16th Annual Southern Chesapeake Leukemia Cup Regatta held July 11-13, 2014 at Deltaville Maritime Museum was a huge success. There were 64 registered yachts and enthusiastic crowds at the auction and gala over the weekend. Many skippers, crew, participants, and guests were treated to gorgeous weather […]

Why Choose In Mast Furling

Why Choose In Mast Furling Benefits of In Mast Furling Ease of use, you spend more time sailing We noticed that sailors with In Mast Furling have their sails out at least 70% more than if the boat had a traditional mainsail.  With In Mast Furling, you don’t have to “wait” to see if a […]

Boat Survey

Having a Boat Survey Why should you have a survey done? When it comes to buying a used boat, there are two very good reasons you should have your boat surveyed: safety and money. When purchasing a used boat, the buyer needs to know if there are any issues that could cause any harm to his […]

How to tie a Bowline

How to Tie a Bowline Sailor’s Knots The Bowline is the most popular and most useful of all of your nautical knots. The Bowline creates a loop at the end of your line and can be used to fasten a halyard to the headsail or attach a jibsheet to the clew of the jib. The Bowline […]

Checking Shore Power Connections

Checking Shore Power Connections Why should you check your shore power connections? As summer heats up, everything onboard has to work harder; this is reflected in ones electricity bill. The air conditioner is almost nonstop, the fridge and freezer have to work more, the hot water heater is constantly working due to more showers on the […]