Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 Review

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 Review Norton’s Yacht Sales Reviews   One of the many things that Jeanneau gets right is creating voluminous interior cabin space. The new Sun Odyssey 349 has a generous interior and the abundant light brings the outside to the interior. Most boaters like the airy feeling that natural light provides when […]

Review of the 2014 Marlow Hunter 40

Mike’s Review: 2014 Marlow Hunter 40 Norton’s Yacht Sales The Marlow-Hunter 40 was  introduced at the 2012 Annapolis Boat Show, and it’s been quite popular for Marlow-Hunter already. The Marlow-Hunter 40 comes with Dual Helm Steering and the famous Stern Rail seats with stainless steel cupholders, making these seats prime location while out cruising. There’s plenty of […]

Charter Destinations

Charter Destinations We may be a little biased, but we think the Chesapeake Bay is an ideal location to charter. However, if you are looking for some change of scenery for your next charter, here are our top 4 choices.   Leeward and Windward Islands The Leeward Islands are made up of ten different islands, all […]

Celebrities Who Sail

Celebrities Who Sail Ah, Celebrities. Why is it that we have such a fascination with them? They’re beautiful. They always have drama going on. And now they SAIL, too! As if sailing, alone, wasn’t interesting enough, now we can see the most interesting celebs do it, too! Humphrey Bogart  “Here’s looking at you, kid.” “Bogie” […]

Top 10 Boating Playlists

Top 10 Boating Playlists Best boating songs according to our crew!   Everyone’s taste in music varies, and the crew at Norton’s is no exception. Here are our crew members’ favorite playlists to jam out to on the boat!   Carolyn’s Playlist Into The Mystic by Van Morrison Run Around by Blues Travelers To The Sea […]

Norton’s Nauti Pet Contest of 2014!

Norton’s Nauti Pet Contest of 2014! And the winner is……..   Thank you to everyone who participated in Norton’s Nauti Pet Contest of 2014! It was definitely a”ruff” competition, but everyone did a great job! We hope you all join in again next year for the 2015 Nauti Pet Contest! Without further ado, let’s find out who the […]

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness Preparing your boat for a big storm Although, Tropical Storm Bertha isn’t posing any big threats to the East Coast, she does bring up the topic of Hurricane and Storm Preparedness. Since Mother Nature does have a mind of her own, and it can never be promised your boat will remain unharmed, there are some steps you […]

Supermoon 2014: August 10, 2014

Supermoon 2014: August 10, 2014 Wishing you all clear skies!   August 10, 2014 will mark the closest “Supermoon” of 2014, putting the moon 221,675 miles away compared to its normal distance of 238,900 miles! Doesn’t sound like a big difference, until you see it.   What is a Supermoon? A Supermoon results from a Full Moon […]

Provisioning your Boat

Provisioning your Boat Some of our favorite treats! Unfortunately most of us don’t  have the luxury of hiring a five star chef to cook aboard for us on our summer boating adventures. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t live and eat like royalty while cruising on your boat for a few days. Here are a few […]