Where to Stay, Park, and Eat at the US Sailboat Show!

Where to Park- Eastport Elementary School- LOCATED AT: FIFTH STREET in ANNAPOLIS, MD  21403 Open 8:00 am, park all day, up 250 spots available : $20 / day / car, SUV, standard truck(tax-deductible fee) Visit the site www.annapolisboatshowparking.com Check out Parking Panda! Parking Panda is an app that allows you to see who’s offering parking, […]

The Best Tips & Tricks for the US Sailboat Show

There isn’t a more exciting waterfront than the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Oct. 8-12, 2015! It is the nation’s largest in-water boat show and is sure to be even bigger this year than last year.  If you haven’t gotten your tickets, go online and buy them now to save yourself some time waiting in […]

Renewal of Jeanneau Sun Odyssey Line

We are renewing our elegant, performance-oriented line of Jeanneau Sun Odyssey sailboats in order to offer a complete and more consistent model range, from 34 to 51 feet. In order to integrate the latest design trends and innovations, several significant changes have been made to this successful line.A MODERN BOWSPRIT The entire Sun Odyssey line, […]

Pre-Quick Haul Considerations

Maybe you aren’t using your boat as much in August while you are waiting for the superior weather of September and October. So, now is the perfect time to schedule a quick haul for your boat. You can pressure wash the bottom, check/clean the prop, and zincs. There are also a few things that can […]

Boat Loans and Financing

Let’s Talk Financing! Purchasing your dream boat may be much easier than you originally thought. Your boat just might cost you about what your car payment is a month. And when you put that into perspective, it just makes since to purchase something that will bring you years of enjoyment. There are a number of […]