Top Oyster Bars in Virginia

Top Oyster Bars in Virginia Best Oyster Restaurants Virginia is for Oyster Lovers! Virginia is the Oyster Capital of the East Coast. With so many creeks and rivers, and the bay, we have access to many different types and flavors of oysters. To experience these different flavors, one can explore the Oyster Trail of Virginia […]

Leaving the Dock

Leaving the Dock Preparing to leave the dock, and leaving the dock Norton’s Sailing School instructors are all about learning to sail out in the best classroom there is: The Chesapeake Bay. However, to get out to that classroom, you need to first learn how to prepare to, and leave the dock. This video goes […]

10 Awesome Items for your Boat

10 Awesome Items for your Boat Cool gadgets and products for your boat Are you the type of person that always has the coolest new products? Are you always looking for something innovative and fun to have on your boat? Well look no further. We’ve done some searching for you and found 10 really awesome […]

It’s Showtime for Jeanneau America!

Jeanneau America at the US Sailboat Show It’s Showtime! Jeanneau America will have the largest presence this year at the boat show with 12 boat models being shown. Their line-up also includes the Brand New Sun Odyssey 349, which we know everyone is going to love! Check out this awesome video from all of the great […]

Basic Seamanship

Basic Seamanship Improving your Boating Skills Captain Barry Newland Seamanship is the art of operating a ship or boat. I was asked to write this post about “Basic Seamanship”, but rather than discussing a few fundamentals and have you think that is all there is to it, I would like to use this as a […]