Boat Fire Extinguishers : Safe Boating Week

Boat Fire Extinguishers

Knowing where your fire extinguishers are on your boat can save your life.

Safe Boating Week 2014

During Spring commissioning this year we’ve noticed several boats that have original fire extinguishers still in boxes, tucked neatly in a cockpit locker or interior cabinet. While the boat owner knows where the extinguishers are, guests and random crew might be at a loss in an emergency to locate them. Factor in an immediate need for one of these boxed extinguishers, anticipating the outcome.  We think you’ll agree that the consequence of this situation has the potential to be devastating.  The crew onboard will lose valuable time finding and getting a boxed extinguisher ready to battle a fire, and thus a completely avoidable and terrifying issue presents itself. Do we have your attention?

Do you know where your Boat Fire Extinguishers are?


We know Marine fire extinguishers are not high on the list complementing interior designs, but when on the water, fire can be a dangerous situation.  Being able to battle a small fire is easier and less perilous than a fire that exponentially escalates literally in seconds.


It’s important to point out that Coast Guard requirements for the number of fire extinguishers are minimal. Approved types of fire extinguishers have the following marking on the label | “Marine Type USCG Approved” followed by the type and size symbols (B-I or B-II) and the approval number. The “II” in the symbol B-II indicates that this type of fire extinguisher has twice the amount of extinguishing agent as those labeled B-I. Check and make sure your extinguishers are fully charged (in the green) and operational.  Secondly, know how to use it!


We highly recommend having one B-2 fire extinguisher installed in each sleeping area, the galley, the main salon, and in the cockpit locker. If fire extinguishers are not installed and still in the boxes, please take the time to do so using the appropriate brackets.  Be sure there is immediate access to each fire extinguisher and frequently check the charge. In the green is good!