Boat Survey

Having a Boat Survey

Why should you have a survey done?

When it comes to buying a used boat, there are two very good reasons you should have your boat surveyed: safety and money. When purchasing a used boat, the buyer needs to know if there are any issues that could cause any harm to his person or his wallet.

How much does a boat survey cost?Have a boat survey done before you buy.

Most surveyors charge around $20 per foot. So, if a boat buyer is looking for a pre-purchase survey on a 30 foot sailboat, it will cost around $600. Considering how much money a survey can save in boat repairs, this is a small price for peace of mind. When borrowing money to purchase a used boat, most lenders and insurance companies require a survey. The additional cost associated in obtaining a used boat survey is the haul out at the marine service center. The surveyor needs the boat out of the water to inspect the bottom, shaft, and prop(s).

What do they look for in a Marine Survey?

During a Marine Survey, a surveyor will test the boat in the water and see if under power the boat will readily go forward, into neutral, and reverse. Most surveyors will go with the buyer for a “sea trial.” The buyer will have the boat hauled out and pressure washed. The surveyor will give the bottom, the structure, and mechanics of the boat a very thorough inspection. He will inspect the hull looking for cracking, dry rot, blistering, or anything of that sort. He will check the electrical wiring and the boat systems. He’ll make sure there are no serious issues with the plumbing and will check all thru-hulls. Up on the deck, he makes sure things are satisfactory at the helm and that the navigation lights are operating correctly. After a full inspection of the boat and safety gear, the surveyor will give a list of observations and will make recommendations that need immediate attention. Upon receiving a written copy of the survey, the buyer is well prepared to talk about moving forward with the purchase. Buying a boat should be one of the best times in your life. You should never regret buying a boat, so make sure you get a marine survey.