Annapolis 2017 Attendance High for Sailboat Show

Attendance at the 2017 US Sailboat Show in Annapolis Reported to be Post Recession High.

According to source, Trade Only Today, the attendance at the United States Sailboat Show, held Oct. 5-9, 2017 in Annapolis, increased 21 percent from last year.  This year proved to be one of the best in the show’s history, with the largest temporary sailboat marina ever, organizers said, land and tent spaces bulging at the seams and consumer spending nearing an all-time high.  The last year to eclipse that number of paid attendees was 2008.  The economy is improving and boaters are buying.

Jeanneau America won “2017 Best in Show” with their display this year in Annapolis.  This is especially sweet because Jeanneau America is celebrating 60 years of Boat Building this year.  Jeanneau America had an impressive display with the signature Jeanneau 64 Yacht, the Jeanneau 54 Yacht, and the brand new Jeanneau 51 Yacht.  From the Sun Odyssey line of Jeanneau America, the 349, 389, 419, all new 440, 479, and 519 were all available for showing. In addition, Jeanneau had the Sun Odyssey 44 Deck Salon on display.  Thousands of  guests lined up to see what Jeanneau had to offer but didn’t mind waiting because the weather was beautiful! Well, beautiful everyday but Monday.

Jeanneau America Display

US Sailboat Show 2017

US Sailboat Show Jeanneau Display

Jeanneau Display 2017

Jeanneau Owners are VIP

Happy VIP Jeanneau Owners

Happy Birthday, Jeanneau!

Jeanneau 60 Years of Boat Building




Why you should buy a boat at the US Sailboat Show!

The October US Sailboat Show in Annapolis is the largest in-water sailboat show in the nation.  Every well-known manufacturer of sailboats attends the US Sailboat Show to show case their newest and best inventory.


1. You get to Comparison Shop!

Every well-known manufacturer of sailboats attends the US Sailboat Show to showcase their newest and best inventory. The US Sailboat show gives you the opportunity to compare price, options, standard equipment, and dealerships.


2. You get to establish a relationship with a Dealer!

Most manufacturers have dealers who sell their product.  Knowledgeable dealers are able to talk about the features and benefits of the boats they sell. They are also the individuals who will carry you through the process of buying a boat and they will be there to take care of you after the sale! They provide your orientation and your warranty work.


3. You get the Best Deal of the Year

The boat show is at the end of the season for the dealers in the Northeast.  The timing of the show combined with buying incentives from the manufacturer and the dealer often produce the best deals of the year.  Dealers can’t offer tremendous incentives without the support of the manufacturers.  Therefore, the combined reward for purchasing or ordering at the show makes it one of the best times to make a deal on a new boat.

4.  Because wouldn’t you rather see your children or grandchildren spend more time sailing than playing on electronic media?



The US Sailboat Show is the best time to buy your NEW Boat! The atmosphere is so electric and it makes the process that much more memorable! Ink your Deal at the 2017 US Sailboat Show this October 5-9, 2017!


Why your kid should sail

5 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Sail

  1. Self-Confidence.  There is simply nothing like being able to pilot your own craft at the age of 9 years old.  Riding a bike is one thing.  Skillfully steering and docking a sailboat is quite another.  All of my athletic endeavors helped to shape my sense of self as a kid, but sailing was without a doubt the most instrumental.   I have not only noticed this in myself; during my ten years as a sailing instructor, I have seen it again and again in my students.
  2. Spatial awareness.  When kids learn how to navigate a boat through narrow spaces and tight turns—how to avoid collisions, coast to a dock with finesse, or squeeze into a packed starting line at a regatta—they develop a spatial awareness that will bring them prowess all activities that involve coordination.  Like driving, for instance.
  3. Sense of direction.  When I was 10 years old, I would sail all week with my class, and then go out on weekends by myself.  I would pack a lunch and take my Optimist out for a couple of hours to explore.  I believe that it was on those trips that I began to develop a good sense of direction.  Noticing which direction I had come from, picking out landmarks, and knowing how to get back became a regular part of my stream of consciousness.  That awareness is crucial to having a sense of direction.
  4. Weather knowledge.  Do you know from which direction thunder storms normally come?  Do you know what the water temperature normally is on Long Island Sound in May?  If your child is a sailor, he or she will know.   Weather knowledge will come in handy both on-the-water and on land.
  5. Shipshape habits.  Sailing students learn how to properly rig and unrig a boat.  Kids learn to put things away in the right place, and keep them tidy while on the water.  That’s a skill no mom or dad can argue with.

(We borrowed this excellent article written and published by Waterviews Publication Blog May 2011)

Women Who Sail


Sailing Life

We LOVE success stories, especially when we know most of these extremely capable sailing enthusiasts.  Please read this great article from Chesapeake Bay Magazine.  The team here at Norton Yachts enjoyed reading this and appreciate the magazine and women for choosing to share their story.

What an inspiration to others!  Learn to Sail and find your Freedom!

Save the Bay: Go Sailing!

How is sailing good for the environment?

As we look out towards the Bay, we are overwhelmed with it’s beauty. We see the Great Blue Heron fishing, and the Osprey making their nests. We take in the smell of the salty water, and feel the breeze blowing against our face. We think to ourselves, “How can I make sure this is all still here for future generations?”.  The answer is simple: Go Sailing!

As a sailor, you are very in tune with your surroundings. You have to focus on wind direction, weather, and obstructions. Being in this rhythm with nature, gives us more insight and we begin to notice the subtle changes that can cause alarm for our environment.

Each year we notice fewer numbers of the creatures we’ve become familiar with. We notice weather patterns aren’t quite how they used to be. We even notice some not so nice things floating along the sides of our boats.

These warning signs are just the beginning. As boaters, we need to be sure that we are doing our part in saving the bay where we have found so much enjoyment.

Save the Bay: Go Sailing!

Could Sailing be the answer?

Sailing harnesses the natural energy of wind, and wind is one of the best forms of clean, renewable, and sustainable energy we can find on this planet. So many energy companies have been trying to harness wind power for other energy needs, and here you have one of the most enjoyable sports that has been doing just that for centuries.

So the next time you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, Go Sailing!

  • Go where the winds take you.
  • Open all your hatches, and let the cool breezes into your cabin.
  • Get an arm workout, and use some oars with your dinghy instead of a motor.
  • Pick up those little pieces of trash you see floating along the way.
  • And remember to make sure all your garbage is somewhere that it can’t blow out

There are so many little things you can do to make sure you are doing your part to Save the Bay. And as a sailor, you are already one step closer to protecting this beautiful Bay that we all cherish so much! So, Let’s Go Sailing!

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7 Tips for Viewing Fireworks by Boat

7 Tips When Viewing Fireworks by Boat

  1. Before leaving the slip to view fireworks by boat make sure your anchor light and running lights are working properly.
  2. Make sure your tank(s) are full of fuel and batteries are topped off.
  3. Scope out where you want to go and review your navigational charts. Find out in advance if there are any safety zone restrictions. Some events set up restrictions in advance.
  4. Double check that all your CG Safety equipment is onboard, up to date, and easily accessible. Bring along good fenders in case you decide to raft up with another boat. If you raft up, use a lot of fenders and tie the boats tightly together.
  5. Go Early! Watching fireworks by boat is fun and popular, so if you want a good spot you should go early. It’s not a clever idea to anchor close to where the event is taking place.  Anchor downwind if possible and be sure to keep an eye out for potential anchors dragging around you.
  6. Remember that boating and libations don’t mix! The skipper and vital crew must always be alert. Tragedy happens in the blink of an eye.
  7. When the fireworks are over there will be a few boats in a big hurry to depart. Resist the urge to join the movement!  Wait it out until the celebrators leave and then go slowly.



Checking Shore Power Connections

Why should you check your shore power connections?


PowerCord burned


As summer heats up, everything on board must work harder; this is reflected in one’s electricity bill. The air conditioner is almost nonstop, the fridge and freezer must work more, the hot water heater is continually working, and the battery charger is going constantly just because we are using the boat more.


All this power for the most part is required to travel down the shore power cable or cables, which is no problem at all for those big wires. The problems occur at the connections due to cables getting knocked around, general wear and tear on the cords being plugged and unplugged and not to mention the horrible (for electrical connections) marine environment. When a shore power connection is dirty it creates resistance which in turn creates heat. Whether the problem is at the pedestal end or the boat end, the shore power cord suffers and typically the plastic melts!

If this condition goes on the plug and socket will weld themselves together as the molten plastic joins the two. This can make it difficult to separate the two when they cool down again and can sometimes lead to dangerous consequences. We won’t go on with a myriad of scenarios to compound this situation but will say to try and be mindful of one’s power consumption on board at any given time.


The shore power cord looks robust, nevertheless, those connections are vulnerable and they should be checked frequently.

To do this:

  • Shut off your AC loads and the main breaker on board.
  • Then simply unplug the cord and inspect the terminals visually for discoloration.
  • CAUTION- Obviously there will be power available at the pedestal socket so we don’t want to do any poking around but don’t be scared to take a look at things, the shore power cable belongs to you and it is ultimately your responsibility.


With prevention being better than cure, if you would like us to check your shore power connections this summer prior to an event or otherwise, just call:

1-888-720-4306 or 804-776-9211 and we will be very happy to arrange a service call for you.

Clear the Decks Summer Sailboat Sale!

Summer is here and the savings are too!  Norton’s Yacht Sales has two new  Jeanneau models in stock with sizzling hot savings!  Now is the time to get an amazing deal on a new sailboat and take delivery for summer sailing.  Check out our in-stock 2017 Jeanneau 389 and our 2017 Jeanneau 349!  Call now for detailed equipment lists and special summer savings. (804)776-9211.  There are only two in-stock models left, so make a call today!

  • Buy now to enjoy summer and fall sailing seasons and Norton’s will store your boat on the hard for FREE over the winter!


Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349

2017 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 389

2017 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 389


Here it is….our Annual Spring Open House and Boat Show This Weekend!

Come and join us this Saturday and Sunday for our annual Open House and Boat Show in conjunction with Deltaville Dealer Days! We are open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on May 6 and May 7, 2017. We are located at 97 Marina Drive in Deltaville, VA 23043.

We’ve got gorgeous NEW Jeanneau Sailboats on display…Because Life is Too Short to Sit on the Dock!

Norton’s is now a dealer for NEW COBIA! Come take a look at the new 2017 Cobia 261 CC in Atlantic Blue with Twin Yamaha Outboards.

We have many pre-owned sailboat and powerboats in brokerage in addition to some Norton Yachts trades.
Join us for snacks, door prizes, and boat loads of deals! Got questions? Call (804) 776-9211. 1