The Norton crew is known for being the best and they sure prove it. What others call “good service” they aren’t satisfied with. I’m on my third boat from them and it won’t not the last.


Again, it was truly a pleasure doing business with you! We shall surely tell others about our experience and stop in to see you whenever we are in the area. We love our boat!


We love our new boat! The 4th of July weekend gave us time to spend on it, and had a blast! Thanks for your kind and courteous service. We will do business with you again!


Mike is wonderful! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all his help. You all have made buying my new boat an easy task. Thanks for everything!


I bought my boat from Norton Yachts….the MOST professional dealership I have ever encountered! You would think it was their boat, the way they cared for every detail.


Thank you from the “top to the bottom” of our heart. It was great being able to pick up our boat and know that you were only a phone call away for anything. You all are the best!


Thanks so much for the tremendous help and we really appreciate it. We took up a lot of your time, but you never made us feel that way. Thanks again!


Thank you for all of your patience and guidance in helping us get used to our new boat. Our dream has come true and you helped make it happen. Thanks!