Celebrities Who Sail

Celebrities Who Sail

Ah, Celebrities. Why is it that we have such a fascination with them? They’re beautiful. They always have drama going on. And now they SAIL, too! As if sailing, alone, wasn’t interesting enough, now we can see the most interesting celebs do it, too!

Humphrey Bogart Celebrities who sail

“Here’s looking at you, kid.” “Bogie” did a lot of sailing, mostly on his fifty-five foot yacht, “Santana”. He and his wife Lauren Bacall also participated in a lot of races mostly in Newport Beach. In fact, one of those races from Newport to Catalina is now named “The Bogart Series” in his honor.


Morgan Freeman

Celebrities who sail Morgan Freeman is one of the most interesting celebrities. He had always had a fascination with the sea, and one day in 1967, he was looking for an activity to participate in with two of his friends. Someone suggested sailing, and he jumped right on it never having done it before. He and his two friends played all day on that sailboat, and needless to say he was “thoroughly hooked on the idea of controlling a sailboat”. Over the span of that summer, he had mastered sailing that boat.


The KennedysCelebrities who sail

There is nothing more American than the sight of JFK and Jackie enjoying time spent on the Kennedy’s boat, “Victura”. “Victura” was bought in 1939 and was sailed by four generations of the Kennedy family. Their time on the boat shows the connection their family shares through sailing. Author James Graham has even written a book about the Kennedy family and “Victura”, and how sailing shaped their lives.


Walter CronkiteCelebrities who sail

Walter Cronkite enjoyed his time sailing his old 64-foot yacht, “Wyntje”, which was named after an old ancestor and in his words “the first woman to love a Cronkite.” Mr. Cronkite, unlike manyother wealthy celebrities with a yacht his size, spent all of his time at the helm steering and controlling the boat just offshore from his home in Martha’s Vineyard.