Happy customers all around!

Love these happy faces!

Jeff and Barb loved their 1977 Hunter 27 for years, and the boat was family, but after attending the 2015 Annapolis Sailboat Show and seeing the NEW Jeanneau 349, they knew they had to have it!

It was hard to say goodbye to the Hunter 27 because she had been so good to them, but they were excited to start new adventures on their 349.

Well, the little red 27 sold, and sailed away with her new owners Brynn and Chuck.

A couple months passed and low and behold! Who pulls into the same marina as Jeff and Barb?!? The happy new owners of their 27!

So happy to see them enjoying the boat, Jeff and Barb had to snag a photo with them!

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It’s moments like these that we love about the boating community! Everyone is always so happy and friendly, and when you’ve traded in a boat that you’ve loved so much, it’s nice to know that she’s in good hands with good friends!