How to inquire about Pre-Owned at the US Sailboat Show



The big US Sailboat Show in Annapolis is the perfect place to look at all of the latest and greatest that the sailing world has to offer. All of the major production manufacturers will be represented at the boat show. If a “major” player is not there, it’s probably now a “minor” player. That being said, you may enjoy looking at new but are really interested in a previously enjoyed or brokerage boat. Not everyone at the show is a new boat buyer and shoppers are always looking for great deals on a pre-owned sailboat at the US Sailboat Show.

When enjoying the new boat displays you may want to inquire about a late model or “last year’s” unsold inventory that a dealer may still have available for a slightly lower price. Many new boat dealers also offer brokerage boats and often specialize in selling used models of the new brand they carry. Frequently at the boat show, new boat dealers will take “trade ins” on new boats being sold there. Ask your dealer about any used models and get information as to how they are equipped. Take the time to ask a dealer representative about the condition of a “trade in” or brokerage boat and when the vessel is available for visual inspection. Your dealer will be actively trying to move this trade while at the show so be ready to make an appointment to see the pre-owned boat as soon as possible.

In addition to many new boat dealers at the boat show, there will also be representatives from brokerage firms. Learn about boats for every pocketbook, slip size, and intended purpose. And contrary to what you may hear, competitive financing is available for pre-owned boats! Remember that fall is a perfect time to buy your boat, so start shopping!