Why Choose In Mast Furling

Why Choose In Mast Furling

Benefits of In Mast Furling

Why choose In Mast Furling

Ease of use, you spend more time sailing

We noticed that sailors with In Mast Furling have their sails out at least 70% more than if the boat had a traditional mainsail.  With In Mast Furling, you don’t have to “wait” to see if a certain wind condition will hold before going through the effort of “hoisting the sail”.  Even if conditions are barely favorable (or questionable) for motor-sailing, it is so easy to roll out the main and see if it will help your boat speed.

Safety, you don’t have to leave the cockpit to manage the mainsail

In-mast furling would have allows you to never leave the cockpit and still have full control over the mainsail.  Other than moving the ratchet selector switch on the furling drum once the sail is out, you wouldn’t even have to go forward to reef.

No mainsail cover needed

The sail is protected from the sun’s UV rays by the mast. Only the clew, with its Sunbrella covering, is constantly exposed.

Re-Sale Value

Statistics are showing that the VAST majority of new boats, even those boats with a “performance cruiser” type reputation, are now being sold with IMF. Customers currently looking in the used market are consistently asking for IMF. It really has become accepted by the sailing population.