Leukemia Cup Regatta – Southern Chesapeake 2015

Despite the rain,  the Leukemia Cup Regatta for the Southern Chesapeake was able to raise a great amount on funding for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society this year.

It was a great weekend full of friends, racers, and fun all to raise awareness for LLS and raise funds to help fight blood cancers.4

The 2015 Southern Chesapeake Leukemia Cup drew 50 boats in 8 classes to race over two days this past weekend.  The lack of wind limited the first day to one race for most classes, but Sunday was much improved and the majority of the fleet got in four (4) races total, with the Portsmouth Handicap Division smaller boats doing six (6).

This was the 17th year for the Leukemia Cup.  The weekend of racing is the culmination of a strong effort to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through a variety of events.



An additional eleven (11) skippers and crew did not race, but entered the regatta in support of the charitable effort.  RESULTS:

J70 One Design (8 boats): 1.Latane Montague, Full Monty; 2.Blake Kimbrough, Nostalgia; 3.Matt Braun & Family, E.L.E.

PHRF A (5 boats): 1.Craig Wright, Afterthought; 2.Sam Mitchener, Double Eagle; 3.Leroi Lissenden, Voodoo 2.

PHRF B (4 boats): 1.Dennis Hannick, Goin’; 2.Bob Fleck, Mad Hatter; 3.Miles Booth, Shenanigan.

PHRF C (6 boats): 1.Alan Bomar, roundabout; 2.Frank Murphy, CHOMHCHGUI; 3.Paul and Julie Wash, Cheeky Monkey.

PHRF Non-Spin (5 boats): 1.Mike Dale, Juggernaut; 2.Greg Watt, Incorrigible; 3.James Snowa, Dixie Rose.

Portsmouth Handicap Fleet (7 boats): 1.Ned Crockett, Ladybug; 2.Charles Carmichael, Goose; 3.Roger Gaby, Creampuff.

Cruising 1 (boats): 1.Robert DeJong, Temptress; 2.Steve Bland, Osprey; 3.Booty Baker, Klimax.1

Cruising 2 (6 boats): 1.Jeff Branflick, First Light; 2.Tom O’Connell, Summer Wind; 3.Tyson Beane, Vamp.  Event Chairman-Alan Bomar.

Complete results are available at YachtScoring.com.