Norton’s Nauti Pet Contest of 2014!

Norton’s Nauti Pet Contest of 2014!

And the winner is……..


Thank you to everyone who participated in Norton’s Nauti Pet Contest of 2014! It was definitely a”ruff” competition, but everyone did a great job! We hope you all join in again next year for the 2015 Nauti Pet Contest! Without further ado, let’s find out who the Nauti-est pet really is!!

Honorable Mentions

Let us first give a round of applause to these fuzzy and feathery pets!

Gizmo GriffinNauti Pet Contest


Winston Mann

Nauti Pet Constest

Raffles Upton

Nauti Pet Contest

and Paxxy Knisley

Nauti Pet Contest

Our Second Runner Up is………

Miss Stella Blue Rogers!

Nauti Pet Contest

Our First Runner Up………

Chesapeake “Chessy” LawNauti Pet Contest

And Norton’s Nauti-est Pet of 2014 is…..(Drum Roll)…..



Nauti Pet Contest

Thank you again to all of our friends who participated, you made this such a fun contest and we hope you guys had fun as well!