Nautical Ghost Stories for Halloween 2014

Nautical Ghost Stories

Haunted Ships & Maritime Mysteries

What better way to celebrate Halloween 2014 than with a few Nautical Ghost Stories? Many mysterious things can happen out on the seven seas. There have been many tales of sea monsters, disappearing crews, and ghost ships, and here are just a few to give you a fright this Halloween. Enjoy!


The Flying DutchmanNautical Ghost Stories

With a successful voyage to the Far East under his belt, Captain van der Decken was very pleased with himself and his crew. As he was chatting about future plans with his crew, he heard a
shout from the lookout. The captain had been so deep in thought and conversation, that he didn’t realize he was sailing straight towards a fierce storm. Captain van der Decken shouted to his crew that he would maintain his heading until Judgement Day, and so they did.

No one saw The Flying Dutchman again until 1881, when King George V (who was then still a prince)  was aboard a Royal Navy ship rounding the tip of Africa. The watchman saw a strange, red, phantom light out in the distance that gave light to the beaten up sails and mast of The Flying Dutchman. It is said that anyone who lays eyes upon The Flying Dutchman will meet an untimely death, and keeping true to that curse, before arriving to home port, that same watchman fell from the mast into the sea below.

Nautical Ghost Stories

The Kraken

The legendary sea monster, known as the Kraken, first came to the world’s attention in 1751 with the publishing of  Erik Pontippidan’s “Natural History of Norway”. Many fishermen have claimed to encounter the large beast, but none have ever seen the entirety of it because of its size and love of deep water. The fisherman would travel out to depths of almost 80 fathoms, and if a depth check came back with strange results of half the original
depth, they knew they were in the presence of the Kraken. The Kraken attracted many fish, so the fishermen would gather in the area to catch the large schools that were led there by this attraction. However, there would always be someone there constantly checking the depth, and if the depth ever started to rise up, they had to quickly leave because they knew the Kraken was coming up to feed. Every death or injury associated with the Kraken has been thought to be accidental. Fishermen who didn’t move away fast enough were either knocked out by one of the many arms of the creature or sucked into the whirlpool that was created as it sunk back down into the sea.


Blackbeard’s GhostNautical Ghost Stories

Everyone has heard the stories of the infamous pirate named Blackbeard (real name Edward Teach). The pirate was thought to be the devil incarnate with his long black beard with two lit fuses at the end. He terrorized anyone who crossed his path off the shore of Virginia and Hampton. After a very bloody battle between Lieutenant Robert Maynard and
Blackbeard, the pirate was beheaded as a warning to any other pirates that tried to enter the North Carolina/Virginia area.

It is said that Blackbeard still haunts the area known as Blackbeard’s Point in Hampton, VA just like the Headless Horseman.