About Cobia Powerboats

Stunning Performance

Take the helm of a new Cobia and you’ll feel the difference. The ride is breathtakingly solid yet smooth. The hull strong and quiet. This is what quality feels like on the water. Best of all these new Cobias deliver this velvet ride more efficiently and burn less fuel.

Advanced Technology

The new Cobia’s design and performance didn’t happen by accident. It all starts with highly experienced designers and naval architects using cutting edge software to design hulls that are supremely efficient yet pleasing to the eye. It continues through the mold process, automated routing and CAD technology to precisely preserve the original design integrity. And it finishes in the build process by using optimum lamination schedules comprised of the most advanced fiberglass materials, resins and cores that deliver strength and beautiful exterior aesthetics.

Unparalleled Quality

At Cobia, we make no compromises for quality. Especially when it comes to safety for you and your family. We take added steps during the build process like having all fasteners thru-bolted and/or be seated in screw retention materials. Electrical wiring harnesses are built in-house to the specifications of each individual boat.Every Cobia is built with only the highest grade composite materials, components and hardware. Look under the hatches and in the bilges and compare the quality of the fit and finish to the competition. For example Cobia uses double hose clamps on all plumping and stainless steel thru hulls where others use plastic. Cut corners here and eventually there will be problems. When you buy a Cobia, you make an investment in a boat that you can be confident in for as long as you own it.

Unexpected Value

Dollar for dollar, there’s no better value in boating than a Cobia. State of the art hull designs, exacting build processes, premium components and remarkable performance, it all adds up to more boat for the money. Match this up against any boat in Cobia’s class. The differences are clear. Make the right decision the first time and experience why Cobia is the smartest move on the water.