The Newest EXTREME (and not so extreme) Watersports

The Newest EXTREME (and not so extreme) Watersports

Although sailing is our favorite thing to do on the water, we wanted to recognize some other watersports that are enjoyed by many. However, we aren’t talking about your usual waterskiing and wakeboarding. We are talking about the newest watersports that are trending now! Some of these activities are for all of you adrenaline junkies out there, but some might interest the more laid back individuals. Check them out!


Very similar to those jetpacks we have seen people using to fly around while they are out on the water, a flyboard uses a PWC to supply propulsion to keep the individual elevated above the water. The individual can then manipulate the movement of the board almost like they would a skateboard (but with a little more of a balance act involved). With much practice, a flyboarder can begin to do flips and tricks of all kind. Check out the video below!


Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Although paddleboarding has been around for at least a century, it has started trending for people who want to get out on the water in a Watersportsdifferent and relaxing way. A paddleboard is somewhat like a longboard surfboard making it slightly easier to balance. You then use a paddle to propel yourself through the water like you would with a kayak or canoe. Paddleboarding is very peaceful and relaxing, and it is great for going out to enjoy nature. Paddleboarding has even caught on in the yoga world, where people will practice their yoga while balancing on their board.


Kitesurfing is a way for sailors to harness the power of the wind in a different way. Using a board similar to a wakeboar or small surfboard, a kitesurfer rides waves while using a large power kite to “pull” them through the water. Like Flyboarding, with practice, a kitesurfer can eventually do many tricks and grabs. Many kitesurfing schools have popped up along popular beaches, if you ever want to try your hand at it.


Have you ever been out on your boat in the middle of the bay and thought to yourself, “Gee, I would really like to go for a nice bike ride right now”? WatersportsYeah, me neither, but someone must have because we have Hydrobikes! Hydrobikes are pedal powered water bicycles. They have pontoons that keep them afloat and a propeller that operates when you pedal. The Hydrobike lets you get your exercise while enjoying a nice change of scenery on your next bike ride.