Pre-Quick Haul Considerations

Maybe yPre-Quick Haulou aren’t using your boat as much in August while you are waiting for the superior weather of September and October. So, now is the perfect time to schedule a quick haul for your boat. You can pressure wash the bottom, check/clean the prop, and zincs. There are also a few things that can be added during the process of the quick haul.

Here are some things to consider before using the Quick Haul.

What should you consider before your Quick Haul?

How do I schedule a Quick Haul?

You should plan what you would like to have done during the Quick Haul, and then give your Service Team a call to write up a work order.  Express the window of opportunity that coincides with your boating schedule. At that time you can also discuss the following considerations prior to the service.

Where are your Safe Vessel Lift Points?

Most manufacturers will mark them, but if you aren’t sure you should always ask your service team prior to haul out. If this is your first haul, ask the service team is to take photos so that you know the safe and proper placement of the travel lift straps. These photos showing the vessel lift points may be useful to you in the future.

Where is your Electronic Instrumentation located?

Most Service Teams are going to look for your vessel thru-hulls, but it doesn’t hurt to mention the placement to the service team, so they do not get damaged by the straps. You can also ask the service team to replace them with the dummy plugs to really ensure that they don’t get busted.

Head over to the Marine Service Center’s Haul Out Section, and fill out the work order request form to discuss a quick haul with Ian or Janice!