Raymarine Autopilot Control

Raymarine Autopilot Control


Your Raymarine autopilot has 3 basic means of steering your boat.


1. The Most Common Method: a MAGNETIC heading using the integral flux gate compass which is connected to your Autopilot.

  • When you get the boat on the desired heading, press the red AUTO button and the pilot will steer that boat on that heading.
  • You can adjust that heading + or – 1 or 10 degrees by pressing the appropriate button.
  • If you want to alter course more than 10 degrees, pressing the 10 degree button 3 times, for example, will alter course 30 degrees.
  • The readout during STANDBY mode is the electronic heading. Once you have pressed the AUTO button, the readout will say AUTO and the number showing is the locked heading.


2. TRACK mode.

  • Put the boat on an approximate heading toward your point and press AUTO.
  • Then press GOTO on the chart plotter and select and activate a way point.
  • Now press the TRACK button, the pilot display will blink and beep showing the direction of the way point.
  • This is asking for a hand shake which you give by pressing the TRACK button again.
  • The display will now say TRACK and the pilot will steer the boat to the selected way point automatically compensating for set and drift.
  • But wait there is more!! If you have the current software on your C or E series classic display or if you have the C or E WIDE series display, when you select and activate a way point, a window will pop up asking if you want to activate the track pilot.
  • All you have to do is press the corresponding soft key on the display and the pilot will be in the track mode.
  • If you do not get this window pop up, you probably have out dated software.
  • Call us, we can fix that.



  • Put the boat on the desired course, trim the sails and press AUTO.
  • Give the boat a chance to settle on to the course and make any necessary adjustments, then press the red STANDBY and AUTO buttons simultaneously and the pilot will steer to the wind angle.
  • If the wind shifts slightly, the pilot will adjust course automatically and you don’t have to trim the sails.
  • If there is a drastic wind shift the pilot will alarm and you will need to press the AUTO button to resume a magnetic course.
  • If you have the 7002 pilot control head, the rectangular one, you simply press the WIND button and you are in the WIND mode.

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The information I have given above is very simplified. I strongly suggest that you read the Autopilot operating manual for specific instructions. Also remember that the Autopilot performs best with minimum weather helm. Balance your sails, drop the traveler down, or reduce sail and your pilot will love you.

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Raymarine Autopilot