Learn to Sail: Sailboat Anatomy

Learn to Sail: Sailboat Anatomy

The parts of a Sailboat

When starting to learn the basics of sailing, you must learn the anatomy of the sailboat. Vocabulary is a huge part of learning to sail. If you want to be a sailor, you have to talk like a sailor.

We are going to briefly go over the sailboat anatomy, and what each part does during the process of sailing.

Sailboat Anatomy | Sailboat Parts


A. Cockpit- The part of the boat

where you steer and sail

B. Wheel- Steering wheel

C. Transom- the surface that forms the stern

D. Stern Pulpit- The best seat in the house!!

Companionway- entance to the cabin from the deck/cockpit

Rudder- The moveable part under the water that controls direction/steering

G. Keel- Fin-shaped structure on Hull that offers stability/ballast

H. Hull- The shell of the vessel

I. Stern- the back (or aft) of the boat

J. Bow- the front (or forward) part of the boat

K. Bow Pulpit- Railing at the bow of the boat

L. Stanchion- Metal pole that holds the lifeline

M. Lifeline- wire that helps prevent man overboard drills





With a good vocabulary and a basic knowledge of sailing, you are on your way to becoming a sailor! Keep checking in for more lessons, and we can show you the ropes!

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