Norton’s Sailboat Charters: Bareboat Application

If at any time you have issues filling out this application, you can call 804-776-9211 or email for help or to request a printable version.

Charterer Information

Full Name


Street Address

City State Zip
Tel# Cell Occupation
Email Driver's Lic. # State where issued
Emergency Contact Emergency Phone

Crew Information

Name Phone # Yrs Sailing Age
Name Phone # Yrs Sailing Age
Name Phone # Yrs Sailing Age
Name Phone # Yrs Sailing Age
Name Phone # Yrs Sailing Age
Name Phone # Yrs Sailing Age
Additional Crew

Sailing Experience

# Yrs Sailing as a Skipper # Yrs Sailing as Crew
Largest Boat You've Captained Largest Boat You've Crewed Largest Boat You've Owned
Do you own a boat?  Yes No Have you chartered before?  Yes No
Date of Last Charter Location Size
Charter References:
How many days have you sailed in the past year? Where? Size Boat?
What formal qualifications do you hold? (ASA, USCG, etc.)

Are you familiar with ships engines, electrical and mechanical systems, and will you be able to perform basic tasks such as checking fluid levels, battery strength, engine temperature?
 Yes No

Are you competent in piloting, anchoring and the use of navigation charts?
 Yes No

Are you experienced in docking at fixed docks?

 Yes No

Are you experienced with In-Mast Furling?

 Yes No

Which Charter Boat are you interested in?

Attach your Sailing Resume, here:

**Note: By Clicking Send I understand and agree that this application is subject to the approval of Norton's Sailboat Charters. I understand that until this application is approved and a 50% deposit is made, my charter has not been reserved.

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