Save the Bay: Go Sailing!

How is sailing good for the environment?

As we look out towards the Bay, we are overwhelmed with it’s beauty. We see the Great Blue Heron fishing, and the Osprey making their nests. We take in the smell of the salty water, and feel the breeze blowing against our face. We think to ourselves, “How can I make sure this is all still here for future generations?”.  The answer is simple: Go Sailing!

As a sailor, you are very in tune with your surroundings. You have to focus on wind direction, weather, and obstructions. Being in this rhythm with nature, gives us more insight and we begin to notice the subtle changes that can cause alarm for our environment.

Each year we notice fewer numbers of the creatures we’ve become familiar with. We notice weather patterns aren’t quite how they used to be. We even notice some not so nice things floating along the sides of our boats.

These warning signs are just the beginning. As boaters, we need to be sure that we are doing our part in saving the bay where we have found so much enjoyment.

Save the Bay: Go Sailing!

Could Sailing be the answer?

Sailing harnesses the natural energy of wind, and wind is one of the best forms of clean, renewable, and sustainable energy we can find on this planet. So many energy companies have been trying to harness wind power for other energy needs, and here you have one of the most enjoyable sports that has been doing just that for centuries.

So the next time you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, Go Sailing!

  • Go where the winds take you.
  • Open all your hatches, and let the cool breezes into your cabin.
  • Get an arm workout, and use some oars with your dinghy instead of a motor.
  • Pick up those little pieces of trash you see floating along the way.
  • And remember to make sure all your garbage is somewhere that it can’t blow out

There are so many little things you can do to make sure you are doing your part to Save the Bay. And as a sailor, you are already one step closer to protecting this beautiful Bay that we all cherish so much! So, Let’s Go Sailing!

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