How we sell your boat

How we sell your boat

Why we use multiple marketing devices to sell your boat?


When you choose to use a broker to sell your boat, you want to know that they are going to use all the resources that they can possibly use to help you sell your boat. Here at Norton’s we use multiple marketing devices and listings to cast a broad net making sure all the right people see your boat.

We use the top brokerage sites on the web to list your boat!

Sites like, and get more views than any other boat brokerage sites on the web. We generally have between 15,000-30,000 views per month on all of our brokerage listings. More views generally mean more leads. More leads turn into more sales! We also list on our own site to also make sure our thousands of visitors see our brokerage listings.

Why do we create videos for our listings?

If you had the choice of viewing every detail of a boat in a video, wouldn’t you trust the actual video of the listing more than a listing with manufacturer photos? We want buyers to know exactly what they are looking at because then they are more informed about the boat. With a video, the buyer feels like they have a good idea of what the boat really looks like prior to travel to see it. If a buyer is more comfortable with the listing, this puts the offering ahead of the curve.

What about rack cards?

Creating rack cards for each boat, gives people who come to visit your boat more accessible information, as well as a reminder down the road of the boat of interest. When prospective purchasers are at home and viewing the bright colored handout about your boat, they commit the boat to memory. Your boat then stands out among the other boats they may have visited, and your listing has the advantage.


Without the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced boat broker, selling a boat is not a walk in the park. Choose a broker you can trust and have confidence that he or she will do everything they can to sell your boat.