Solar Panels On Your Boat

Solar Panels

Why have them?

A full charge on the battery is an absolute must-have when doing long distance cruises, but when you are enjoying a beautiful, QUIET day sailing, you don’t want to have to turn on an engine just to juice up your batteries to ensure you have necessities down below. Why not take advantage of all the sunshine around you, and harness some solar power while using that wind power?

There are many types of solar panels out there. You can have fixed solar panels that attach to your davits, there are flexible solar panels with grommets that can be attached to your Bimini, and even roll-out panels that make it easier to maneuver and transport them.

Solar Panels are an ideal addition to your boat for keeping your batteries up to snuff. Most boaters use more battery power than they realize. If you are stuck at the dock with your battery charger on waiting for a full charge, know that solar panels can keep your batteries charged. The solar panels produce the charge and batteries store the energy created by the solar panels.

Sometimes Solar Panels (depending on their size or a lot of sunlight) work so well that they require regulators to keep them at a cool 12V so they don’t overload a battery. Regulators have a set of load terminals to dump excess power to a resistive load. Some people use that diverted load for their water heater.

Norton’s Marine Service Center has used the brand Kyocera in the past when installing Solar Panels on our customers’ boats, but some other brands include Powerfilm and RDK Products.

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