The BIG Questions To Ask At The US Sailboat Show!

We know how it is! You get in front of the dealer and you have had all these questions racing through your mind, but when you get there you’ve lost them! It’s no wonder, you’ve looked at how many boats now?!? The brain just can’t keep all of that information together, so we have created a list for you to refer to. This list contains the hard-hitting questions that you should be asking at the Annapolis Sailboat Show!


Question #1

Does the price include freight and commissioning, for example….transportation to the dealership, make-ready, bottom paint, ready to sail away?

You want to be sure that you have all the numbers laid out for you, so that you can really grasp what the final price will be.

Question #2

Realizing that the best deals of the year are made here at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis, how long is the Boat Show Special good for after the show ends?

Everyone looking to buy a boat at the Annapolis Sailboat Show, or soon after, are looking to get the Boat Show Deal. Therefore, you want to make sure that if you decide to go home that Monday night and sleep on it, that you will be getting the same good deal as you would have at the show!

Question #3

How much deposit is required to make a deal here at the Boat Show?

Ask your dealer how much money you need to put down in order to make a deal on that New Boat.

Question #4

Obviously we can’t sea trial the new boat here at the show.  Is there a way we can have a sea trial on the new boat before we commit to purchase?

If the dealer has a boat in stock they may invite you to Sea Trial it after the Annapolis Boat Show. However, refer back to Question #2 because you don’t want to miss a deal

Question #5

Talking about the price list for the optional equipment, what equipment is factory installed and what equipment is installed at the dealership?

A lot of times, options that people are looking for already come standard, or they may even be included in a package at a discounted rate. Ask about your must-haves and find out all the details.

Question #6

What is the warranty on the new boat and how long is it in effect?

Warranties differ for each manufacturer. Ask your dealer what is covered under warranty and how long it will last.

Question #7

What kind of financing is available for a new boat and what’s the length of term?

Dealers normally have many contacts in the Marine Financing Industry and can help you find the best rates for you. Ask about the rates, length of terms, and whether there are any pre-payment penalties or closing costs to be sure that you are getting the Financing you think is best for you.

Question #8

Do you take trades on new boats and what is the process?

Many Dealers are different when it comes to Trade-Ins, so first find out whether they accept/consider trades, and then give them as much info as you can on the boat to see where you can go from there. It’s helpful to even come prepared with some photos and a write-up of your current boat.

Question #9

If I place an order for a new boat today, when can we expect delivery?

Depending on the builder, timelines for delivery vary. Your Dealers will already have an idea of when you can expect to have your New Boat.

Question #10

Where will delivery of the new boat take place?

Maybe you live on a lake or on the West Coast; ask the Dealer where the boat will be delivered, and how it can get to you along with the cost.

Question #11

What kind of factory and dealer support can we expect after we take delivery?

You want to know that you will be taken care of once you make  deal on a New Boat, so this is one of the biggest questions! You want to make sure that you are dealing with a highly reputable dealer that will be there for you from beginning to end and long after.


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