How to tie a Bowline

How to Tie a Bowline

Sailor’s Knots

The Bowline is the most popular and most useful of all of your nautical knots. The Bowline creates a loop at the end of your line and can be used to fasten a halyard to the headsail or attach a jibsheet to the clew of the jib. The Bowline can also be used for temporarily tying up at a dock. In rescue cases, the bowline is pretty popular. Rescuers will throw a bowline down, and the victim can sit in the loop until they are pulled to safety.How to tie a Bowline

To tie a Bowline

  • Make a loop by twisting the line so the “working” part lies on top of the “standing” part.
  • Take the end up through the hole, then under and around the “standing” part and then take it back down through the hole.
  • Tighten the knot by pulling the loop and the “standing” part at the same time.



You will get a lot of use out of this knot, so practice until you have got it down! Check back again for more nautical knots from Norton’ Sailing School and maybe one day you can receive your American Sailing School Certification!