US Sailboat Show Layout & Mapping a Strategy

Well, Joaquin tried to rain on our parade, but things are still going strong, and we are in full Boat Show Mode!!

We’ll all be in Annapolis tomorrow to move boats in and set up displays with Marlow-Hunter and Jeanneau, and things are starting to get even more exciting!

If this is your first US Sailboat Show, it can be somewhat difficult getting your bearings. The best way to prepare and make the most of this Boat Show is to study the US Sailboat Show Layout and Map out a strategy. Find out at what docks your favorite manufacturers will be, label where your favorite exhibitors are, and put a big old circle around those restrooms. This way, when you hear that gun on the first day, you can be sure to make a beeline for your number one location.

Norton’s has created a map of the US Sailboat Show for you, and we even took the liberty of marking what we assumed would be your two favorite locations ;) We also marked those restroom locations for you!

We will be posting the FREE Downloadable Guide to the US Sailboat Show this Wednesday before VIP Day! It will include all of the helpful blogs we have had over the past month, and an even better version of the map below! So, be sure to stop back by to Download your FREE Guide!