Why you should buy a boat at the US Sailboat Show!

The October US Sailboat Show in Annapolis is the largest in-water sailboat show in the nation.  Every well-known manufacturer of sailboats attends the US Sailboat Show to show case their newest and best inventory.


1. You get to Comparison Shop!

Every well-known manufacturer of sailboats attends the US Sailboat Show to showcase their newest and best inventory. The US Sailboat show gives you the opportunity to compare price, options, standard equipment, and dealerships.


2. You get to establish a relationship with a Dealer!

Most manufacturers have dealers who sell their product.  Knowledgeable dealers are able to talk about the features and benefits of the boats they sell. They are also the individuals who will carry you through the process of buying a boat and they will be there to take care of you after the sale! They provide your orientation and your warranty work.


3. You get the Best Deal of the Year

The boat show is at the end of the season for the dealers in the Northeast.  The timing of the show combined with buying incentives from the manufacturer and the dealer often produce the best deals of the year.  Dealers can’t offer tremendous incentives without the support of the manufacturers.  Therefore, the combined reward for purchasing or ordering at the show makes it one of the best times to make a deal on a new boat.

4.  Because wouldn’t you rather see your children or grandchildren spend more time sailing than playing on electronic media?



The US Sailboat Show is the best time to buy your NEW Boat! The atmosphere is so electric and it makes the process that much more memorable! Ink your Deal at the 2017 US Sailboat Show this October 5-9, 2017!