Yanmar Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance

Yanmar Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips


Follow the Guidelines

Diesel engines are built to last a long time with proper maintenance.  Frequently, our customers ask how to take care of their boat’s diesel engine.  If you just purchased a new boat, the engine manual will outline critical stages of care during the break in period.  It is very important to follow the guidelines during the first 100 hours of operation.

Check Your Oil

To ensure proper lubrication of you Yanmar diesel, use only major brand name oil with a diesel classification of at least CE, CF, CG or higher.  Keep in mind that oil dipsticks show a minimum and a maximum level.  Make sure that your oil level is close to the maximum mark and not over it.  Never start your Yanmar diesel before checking your oil level.  If you don’t know how to add oil, check your oil, or what oil to purchase, contact your Yanmar diesel dealer.

Oil Filters 

It is important that Yanmar oil filters are the only filters you use.  The use of “off label” oil filters are not recommended and using other manufacturer oil filters may result in oil leaks.

Cooling System 

The other fundamental area of maintenance concerning your Yanmar diesel is the cooling system.  Diesel engines operate under high compression, much greater than gasoline engine compression. Because of the great strain put on the engine under high compression, it is very critical to maintain the cooling system.  It is crucial that the cooling system must remain clean and all hoses are secure.  A single overheating problem may lead to engine corrosion.  The proper ratio of engine coolant is also very important.  Take caution and check your engine coolant each time prior to starting up.