Your Spring Launch Checklist

Your Spring Launch

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Norton’s Travel lift is outside humming a beautiful tune that goes a little something like this!

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time for launching boats and getting ready for Boating Season! How can you ensure that you have a smooth launch this Spring?

Plan in advance! Check out the list below for some Pre-Launch Tips!


  • This should be done pretty well in advance because this time of year everyone is itching to get out on the water. Make sure you and the Service Yard have coordinated a time that works for you both.  Remember, if you have a slip on Broad Creek, let us know that you’d like your boat slipped for you. We will arrange to do so.

  • There’s a few options for this! If you slip your boat outside of Deltaville, you’ll need to leave a car at your slip, arrange a ride with a friend, rent a car, or even have Uber give you a ride. There is a local Taxi service now that you can call and make arrangements in advance. Ask Norton’s for the number. Norton’s has a loaner vehicle for local use and it stays in demand. We have outlined some convenient options but some are also costlier. Decide which option one works best for you, and let us know if we can assist. It always helps to plan in advance.

  • Giving your marina notice may get you an extra dockhand to help upon your arrival!

  • There are plenty of templates out there, but here is one for example. It’s always best to have a float plan for safety far when you transit long distances.

  • Making sure all your safety equipment is accounted for and operable is the best way to have a worry-free boating season.

These are just a few things that can be done in advanced to make sure your Launch goes smoothly this year! So let the splashing begin!