Jeanneau NC 1095 Fly Overview



If you’re looking for a flagship vessel, look no further than the Jeanneau NC 1095 Fly. The Merry Fischer 1095 Flybridge offers an abundance in the way of speed and fun, while the new space highlights the thrilling experience of speed, spray, and horizon as you sail your way to wherever you’d like to be.

Like other Jeanneau ships, the Jeanneau NC 1095 Fly comes with SEANAPPS Technology, offering benefits for full time and part time sailors alike. From a live view of your boat and real-time alerts to geofencing and anchoring, SEANAPPS offers all that and more, even providing maintenance recommendations to keep your ship in pristine condition, a navigational logbook to track where you’ve been, and more.


The strongest points of the NC 1095 Fly don’t change from the standard NC 1095, only add. Impressive interior space, three double cabins, and a 360 degree view of the sea and the world around you from the wheelhouse is just the beginning in this ship. You can also expect comfort, generous equipment, safety — especially in the living areas, and a layout that allows smooth transitions from the interior to the exterior for ease of access. 

The NC 1095 Fly adds the flybridge, which acts as an additional living space and also boasts a fully equipped helm station that offers a new approach to driving — sun on your face, wind in your hair, and pristine views as far as your eyes can see, enhanced by the height of the flybridge to give you the best views that sailing can offer. But the enjoyment of the flybridge isn’t limited to the driver. Passengers can accompany the driver and relax on the double bench seat. It transforms into a sundeck, a sun lounger, or even a small saloon with a removable table for snacking on charcuterie, sipping a glass of wine, or enjoying your favorite food or drink for a relaxing outdoor dining area.


There really is a lot to enjoy in the Jeanneau NC 1095 Fly, from the versatile flybridge to the variety of living space to enjoy by yourself or with friends and family. From Virginia to North Carolina or wherever you might love to sail, Norton Yachts is looking to get the best of Jeanneau into the hands of Virginia boaters and anyone else who is looking for a good time on the water. From sailboats to power boats to yachts, Norton can help you find the best vessel for you. Give us a call or check out our website to see the most up to date information on boats, pricing, hours, services, and more.