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Brig Inflatables

family riding on Brig Inflatable boat

Meet the New Generation

Discover the world’s most advanced rigid inflatable boats. At BRIG, we fuse the cutting-edge design, technology and precision engineering of military aeronautics with the very finest marine craftsmanship. We have created a new generation of affordable yet uncompromised RIBs that deliver the very highest levels of performance, safety and enjoyment.

A RIB for every occasion

Fast-paced touring, coastline exploring, iconic styling or a tender for your yacht? With our extensive range of models—each offering a choice of tailored options—you will find the perfect fit at BRIG.



2023 Brig
Falcon Tender 480
2023 Brig
Falcon Tender 420
2023 Brig
Falcon Tender 380
2023 Brig
Falcon Tender 360
2023 Brig
Falcon Tender 330
2023 Brig
falcon tender 300