Pontoon Rental FAQs

    • You must be 26 years old with a valid driver’s license
    • All drivers are required to have experience relevant to the area, and conditions they will be operating in.
    • Proof of N.A.S.B.L.A. or equivalent boater’s safety course.
    • Major Credit card on file for payment, fuel, and/or damages.

Our Starcraft SLS3 tritoons fit up to 12 people.

Photo ID and valid Boater’s Safety Certificate for all operators

Rental can be canceled for ANY REASON (with a full refund) 48 hours or more of ahead of scheduled pick-up time. Call 804-776-9211 for cancellations. Norton Boat Rentals is not responsible for weather-related cancellations with the 48 hour window.

The American Sailing Association instruction is the oldest and in our opinion, the best sailing instruction available. In addition, upon certification, ASA credentials are recognized worldwide. This enables you to sail with major charter companies, many of which offer discounts to ASA members. A sailboat owner with ASA certification is offered reduced premiums by most all insurance companies…let your agent know that you have certification.

Our boats can be used anywhere up the Rappahannock River and up through the Piankatank. For safety, boating is not permitted in the Bay.

The rental price does not include gas. Please plan on returning the boat with a full tank. A refill fee of $20 + the cost of gas will be added to your invoice if necessary.

Yes, a cooler is not provided.

Each Starcraft SLS3 tritoon comes with all safety gear including 12 adult life jackets. If you are enjoying your boat with children, you are responsible for providing the correct USCG-approved life jacket for infants or youth.

No, fishing lures can damage the boat. Please refrain from fishing.

The legal limit to operate a boat in Virginia is .08% BAC. The driver is responsible for the boat and all parties onboard and can face stiff penalities including fines, jail time, loss of drivers license etc. Please ensure you are safe and following the rules.

  • You are solely responsible for any and all damages of all equipment while it is in your possession.
  • Inspecting the equipment is your responsibility before leaving.
  • Norton Boat Rentals encourages you to take photos before leaving the dock with our attendant. Point out any damage you see prior to leaving for peace of mind upon your return.

While we do allow multi-day rentals, our insurance is void after dark. Please do not operate the boat after dark.

*Note: daily rentals will need to be returned to the dock by 6 PM. A late fee of $25 will apply for every 15 minutes late.