Sailing Classes

Intro to Sailing is a private sail for 1-6 people that allows you to get out and experience the Bay for 4-10 hours with a captain. During this time, you can do as much or as little work as you’d like. Intro to Sailing does not result in any Certifications, but it allows you to get out and test the waters while enjoying a fun sail.

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ASA 101 103 course textbooks

ASA Combo Course – $1,150

Learn to Sail in 4 Days

Learn to Sail Now! By far our most popular course, the Combo ASA 101 and 103 allows the sailor ... Read More

ASA 101 103 104 course textbooks

Basic to Bareboat Course – $ per couple

minimum 2 people required per class

For Real Beginners – $5,995 per couple

This course is for the true beginner! Get your bareboat certification and ... Read More

ASA Certification 101

Sailing Made Easy – $595

Learn to Sail in A Weekend!

New sailors will learn skills required for safe handling of a moderate sized keel boat in sheltered waters. You ... Read More

ASA certification 103

Coastal Cruising – $695

With the basics in place, the sailor will be able to cruise safely as a skipper or crew on an auxiliary powered sailboat of moderate ... Read More

ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising made easy

Bareboat Chartering Class – $1,495

This is an intermediate coastal cruising course for a skipper and crew on a 30′ to 50′ sailing boat in coastal waters. Topics covered ... Read More

ASA certification 105 - coastal navigation textbook

Coastal Navigation Course – $695

This comprehensive course will enable the sailor or power-boater to safely navigate a vessel in coastal or inland waters. The course covers chart reading, ... Read More

ASA certification 106 - advanced coastal cruising textbook

Advanced Coastal Cruising Course – $2495

Not your typical 106 course!

Norton Yachts prefers to teach this course over 6 days in coastal and inland waters. This is an advanced ... Read More

ASA 118 docking endorsement textbook

Docking Endorsement Course – $595

This course further develops basic docking skills, developing techniques for handling single engine sailboats in tight quarters, as well as methods of securing sailboats ... Read More

ASA 101 103 course textbooks

ASA Combo Course – $1,150

Learn to Sail in 4 Days

Attention all women! Get ready to learn to sail with confidence and empower yourself on the water with our ... Read More

American Sailing 116 Textbook Going Ashore Made Easy Cover Front 1280 67042 Removebg Preview

ASA 116 Going Ashore Made Easy – $295

If you’re looking to learn how to operate a dinghy with an outboard motor safely, then this is the course ... Read More

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Now Offering – ASA Sailing Instructor Class

Ready to set sail on your dream career? Become a certified ASA Sailing Instructor and take your love of sailing to the next level! ... Read More